S.C.E.N.E. Camp

Stage Crews Encouraging New Entertainers
Past Scene Camp Themes


S.C.E.N.E. 2006-2007 - Our inaugural year!

Performance: "Growltiger's Last Stand" from T.S. Elliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"


S.C.E.N.E. 2007-2008

Theme: An Enchanted S.C.E.N.E.


S.C.E.N.E. 2008-2009

Theme: Superheros


S.C.E.N.E. 2009-2010

Theme: Cavemen


S.C.E.N.E. 2010-2011

Theme: Circus (elementary) / Freak Show (middle school)


S.C.E.N.E. 2011-2012

Theme: Puppetpalooza!


S.C.E.N.E. 2012-2013

Theme: Epic! (Greek Mythology)


S.C.E.N.E 2013-2014

Theme: Shake, Rattle, and Stomp!

S.C.E.N.E 2014-2015

Theme: Sci Fi!

S.C.E.N.E 2015-2016

Theme: 33 Leagues Under The Sea

S.C.E.N.E 2016-2017

Theme: Animals!

S.C.E.N.E 2017-2018

Theme: It's a Trap!

S.C.E.N.E 2018-2019

Theme: It's About Time

S.C.E.N.E 2019-2020

Theme: Rock 'N Roll

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October 21-25, 2019, 3-5:30
Theme: Rock N' Roll

Scene camp is a time for grades 3 through 8 to come have a great time learning about theatre. Here students can learn about acting, building sets, running the tech booth, and have a great time.

To attend scene camp please fill out a scene camp form given to you by your teacher.

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