Theatre33 strives to combine Education and Entertainment, Acting and Art, Composition and Construction, and Technology and Teamwork to teach not just the students but also the community an appreciation of all types of theatre.​

Amy Dreibelbis
Founder, Sponsor, and Co-Director

Justin Lortie
Musical Director ​
Cliff Schwartz
Former Co-Director
Sue Patrick
JoNel Kurtz
Megan Murphy
Musical Director - 2013

Karena Wilkinson
Musical Director Emeritus


Our vision statement:

Theatre33 will produce a variety of plays and musicals each year to expose students to many genres of theatre, while remaining primarily self-sufficient. 

Student comments:

“T33 has always been my sanctuary at the end of the day, albeit a crazy, spontaneous, intense sanctuary. Every time I’d walk on-stage, I would let loose and forget my troubles by becoming someone else. Acting with this group of people has taught me patience, problem solving, and leadership. Before T33, I was extremely shy. I couldn’t stand being in the spotlight. I can’t imagine what high school would have been like if I didn’t try out for Scapino!., my first show. I never would have met these amazing people who broke my shell and pushed me into that spotlight I so dreaded. I remember the feeling I got before walking on-stage the first time. I was absolutely terrified. I didn’t even have any lines, but I was still afraid. I was afraid of people judging. When I finally got on and off, I was exhilarated. It was an amazing feeling and I was eager to go back on. I guess I also learned that if you fear what people think of you and what you do, that limits your potential and what you can achieve. T33 has been an amazing experience.” –River Class of 2013

“I enjoy being a part of T33 because it gave me a family outside of home. I grew connections with people I wouldn’t have by just coasting through school.  I have learned that hard work, dedication, and a sense of character go a long, long way!  I am a stronger person since I have joined T33. I believe in myself.  A great memory is when we all came together to repaint the stage and walls of the cafeteria from the ugly orange to blue!”
-Racheal (Class of 2010)


“Not only does T33 put on fantastic plays, the group really does feel like one big family. I made my best friends in high school through T33.  I worked behind the scenes for most of my theatre experience, so I learned about all of the work and little details that are necessary to put on a great show.  I gained a lot more self-confidence, especially by my senior year.  Most of my high school memories are made up of T33 memories, but a more significant one would be opening night of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. After the show during notes, D and Schwartz were so happy and proud of us for the amazing performance. It was a really great feeling.”
-Sarah (Class of 2011)

“Creating and building a theatre company is a dream come true. I loved being part of theatre in high school, college, and community theatre. Theatre people are creative, uninhibited, hardworking, and interesting. I love the teamwork with the other directors. I love having a vision for a show, and then piece by piece building it to a reality. Theatre33 is a great family. I am still learning to spread the responsibility and let others share the work and the pressure.  Every show, every worksession- there are so many moments etched in my mind- it is so powerful knowing there is a group of people out there with those same great significant memories: challenges we overcame together, moments of tears, and laughter, memories of victories and losses. I love hearing my children talk about their memories from favorite shows and people. The T33 family has had a positive, lasting effect on not just me- but on my kids as well. The Theatre kids are like big brothers and big sisters to the Dreiblebabies. I have become a proud ‘parent’ of my ‘first-born’ T33!”

–Amy Dreibelbis (T33 Sponsor)


“T33 is a family- people from anywhere can become a part of the creation of something beautiful, and fun that we share with the community. You make some fantastic friends and do spectacular shows! I’ve learned how to carry myself professionally, take on different characters, build sets, paint signs, manage my time, read Shakespeare, and have a good time doing it all! I’ve grown as an actor and as a person. Theatre33 has taught me to be confident and to look past stereotypes and meet people as they are. People of all types come to theatre- athletes, artists, braniacs-whoever- and learn to love and respect each other. I remember the moment I felt our familial resemblance at its strongest: During a show, we had pasted kids drawings to large sections on construction paper, which we attached to the wall. After the show, some of the pieces of the colorful paper stuck to the wall. The entire cast and techies climbed on top of tables and chairs, scrubbing the wall. And then, we all started singing. Teetering on chairs and wearing our arms from scrubbing, we sang pop music and rock and songs from musicals until 9:30. Then, we went into the cafeteria and ate our cast party dinner-all of us laughing, and tired, and we were a family-one that ate together, worked together, and played together.”
–Ashley (Class of 2012)



“It changed my life! I’ve learned a whole lot, a love for theatre, social skills, and the purity of friendship. As previously mentioned, it changed my life! I’ve never had so many friends! Every moment of every day I spend with T33 is absolutely amazing and wonderful!”
- Anonymous



“I enjoy T33 because it’s fun and something I like to do. I enjoy it a lot! I have learned that teamwork is key; also projecting, acting, how to build stuff and plenty more. Since becoming a member of T33, I stay out of trouble a lot more. I have come to learn some restraints. I’m more open about who I am. I don’t take jokes offensively or directed at me. I mellowed out. I remember making it into Honors Theatre, getting a sword for “Arsenic and Old Lace”, peeing with it on (LOL) Building the gazebo for “Scapino!” “I’m so sad my sister is living.” speech at the senior ceremony. And all fun times at theatre.”
- Raymond (Class of 2012)

“I like acting, it makes me feel like I’m in my character’s shoes and and I can try to relate to their feelings and what they’re going through. I’ve learned to project, I’ve learned to outgoing and extrovert. I’m more confident and fearless :D The Indy trip was awesome and I can’t wait for this years!”
–Eduardo (Class of 2014)



“Where else can you go lie and pretend to be someone you’re obviously not, and have people applaud you? People are always watching and always listening; you might as well make them enjoy it! I never used to believe I would become something-that nothing I had was worthwhile. Being in a place where you have to be yourself and also someone completely different can make you see yourself in  whole new way. I remember when I called for a mic check. Instead Brandon turned on a song and came bounding down to me, on stage. He spun me around, and we sang and danced to Elephant Love Song until it was over. Then, we laid on our backs and breathed and laughed until we cried. I won’t soon forget that.”
–Kayla  (Class of 2012)


Why do you enjoy being a part of Theatre33?
“Because it’s a great way to express ourselves and our weirdness, and we also get to experience as an actor. I have learned how to be an actor. I have become less shy, and more weird!”
–Duffy (Class of 2013)


“I like the people because I can talk to almost all of them. I learned how to get out of my comfort zone.  I have changed in the sense of my bubble being expanded.”
–Ashlyn (Class of 2015)


“it’s like one big chaotic, dysfunctional family but hey, it works. I learned that if you work hard enough you can create something bigger, greater, and more magical than you could have thought. I’ve become outgoing, crazy, funny, outspoken, and more driven to work in al things not just theatre. When you first stand on that stage may you be an actor, musician technician, or architect you feel apart of a family where no matter how crazy, happy, sad, mad, or confused you can change and become someone else who is accepted no matter what.”
–Ali (Class of 2013)

Amy Dreibelbis, Founder, Sponsor, and Co-Director

Cliff Schwartz, Co-Director

Justin Lortie, Music Director 2014 - present


Megan Murphy, Music Director - 2013

Karena Wilkinson, Music Director Emeritus 

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