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by Neil Simon

Friday, TBD @ 7:00pm
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Sunday, TBD @ 2:00pm

Time Until "Rumors"

T33 * West Noble High School

We have some exciting shows lined up for this school year.  And as usual we have selected a variety of shows designed to entertain and challenge our actors, our techies and our audiences.

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​We strive to help our community in various ways throughout the year.  

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Originality and creativity are the cornerstones of our artistic vision.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of genres we bring to our actors and our audiences.  

We select shows that will challenge our performers and our techies; and our patrons too!  

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“I enjoy being a part of T33 because it gave me a family outside of home. I grew connections with people I wouldn’t have by just coasting through school.  I have learned that hard work, dedication, and a sense of character go a long, long way!  I am a stronger person since I have joined T33. I believe in myself.  A great memory is when we all came together to repaint the stage and walls of the cafeteria from the ugly orange to blue!”

Racheal, class of 2010


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